Human Coloration System

The SiliClone Human Coloration System™ is a simple, systematic, scientific approach for the coloration of silicone prostheses. The system’s detailed manual guides its users through a step by step process using multilayer intrinsic coloration.

Multilayer intrinsic coloration allows for predictive colorations, which has many advantages over extrinsic coloration systems. The goal is for all the coloration on the prosthesis to be completed once removed from its mold.


The HC System provides the most realistic appearance, with superior control of translucency and coloration. By using the intrinsic HC System, the prosthesis retains the skin texture of the mold, whereas painted extrinsic coloration fills in fine textural details. There is also less wear and tear of the coloration of the prosthesis by using the intrinsic system.

Although the HC System is primarily designed for intrinsic colorations, the system’s colors do easily allow for skin tone matching and therefore the process can be adapted for extrinsic coloration.

SiliClone Human Coloration System™

Includes 20 different colors of pigment concentrates in silicone. All kits have 10cc syringes as well as 1cc syringes of each HC color.


HC-1 : Light Caucasian base

HC-2 : African American base

HC-3 : Light Gray

HC-4 : Dark Gray

HC-5 : Light, High-Chroma Red

HC-6 : Dark, High-Chroma Red

HC-7 : Light, High-Chroma Yellow

HC-8 : Dark, High-Chroma Yellow

HC-9 : Mars Red Blush

HC-10 : Tan/Freckle

HC-11 : Lip/Nail Pink

HC-12 : Vein Blue

HC-13 : Alternate Blush

HC-14 : High-Chroma Base

HC-15 : Dark Knuckle

HC-16 : Alternate Caucasian Base

HC-17 : Pure Black

HC-18 : Pure White

HC-19 : African American Tan

HC-20 : Hispanic Base


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